Health Physicist Liability Program

Health Physicist Liability ProgramWhat is the Health Physicist Liability Program? HPLP offers Health Physicists a uniquely paired set of very important types of protection; professional liability insurance and general liability insurance. For Health Physicists without current coverage, HPLP’s low cost provides you the opportunity to adequately protect yourself without breaking the bank. For those who do have coverage, HPLP will likely bring premium relief and the option to replace your current policies without losing your coverage for prior acts.

NRS took care to incorporate broad flexibility into HPLP’s structure in order to meet the needs of employees, independent contractors and consultants alike. Professional liability coverage can be purchased on a stand-alone basis or in tandem with general liability coverage. Underwriters offer three different policy limit combinations to fit the coverage needs of small-to-large companies. Prior acts coverage is available for those Health Physicists changing insurers. And premium discounts apply to firms with multiple Health Physicists on staff.

Fitted with a low deductible, HPLP insured Health Physicists or consulting Health Physicist firms avoid the possibility of depleting their bank accounts to defend themselves in the case of a claim. The policy contains “Pay on Behalf” wording so once the deductible is satisfied, you’ll never have to face the prospect of having to pay large legal bills.

The program’s coverage also includes a “Duty to Defend” clause assuring you of representation no matter how baseless a claim may be. This feature eliminates the task of finding qualified counsel when your stress level is justifiably elevated. One call to file a claim with NRS and the process becomes automatic.

For those of you who are employees and are thinking that you may not need to insure for this type of risk, you may wish to reconsider. There are those cases where employees are named as co-defendants in law suits and the employee and employer have opposing views. The potential for conflicts of interest increases with the severity of the claim. There is also the potential that your employer’s errors and omissions policy does include coverage for your profession (we suggest that you check to be sure). With HPLP coverage in place, you are protected no matter the details.

HPLP liability coverage can be tailor made for the consulting Health Physicist. For pennies on the dollar, underwriters can add general liability coverage to match the limits of the professional liability protection in place. The coverage becomes seamless and will always satisfy the demands of client contracts.

HPLP is an extremely cost-effective solution for consulting firms with multiple Health Physicists on staff. Premium discounts begin with the second HP and climb to nearly 40% for firms with six or more HP’s. When your current coverage nears renewal (60 days prior to your policy’s anniversary date), call one of our representatives for a quote.

For more information either give us a call or refer to our FAQ’s tab or click here. You may also wish to review the detail contained on our COVERAGE/LIMITS/DISCOUNTS page.

December 27th, 2012 by Nuclear Risk Specialists